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We are a full service window cleaning company specializing in:

•   All types of residential windows, brownstones, private homes, townhouses, apartments, and high rise buildings.
•   Full service cleaning includes window interior and exterior.
•   We also clean your window sills, frames, screens, storm windows, mirror walls, mirrors, skylights, shower doors, French windows and doors, chandeliers, foyer lights, ceiling fans and all other glass surfaces.
•   We provide professional air conditioner removal and installation service.

Regular Cleaning
Regular Cleaning is a service offered to those clients who's windows have been cleaned before and are not excessively filthy.
Click here to learn more about pricing for regular cleaning of different types of windows.
Tip 1: We care about your home – we always use towels to cover your floors and furniture. Shoe covers are ALWAYS worn inside your home.

Tip 2: We leave no spots on glass, frames, sills, walls, floors or curtains. We are the most thorough window cleaners in New York. There is no need to clean your home after we leave!

Tip 3: At no additional charge, our crews can wipe down all window sills.

Initial Cleaning / Double Cleaning
Initial Cleaning/Double Cleaning is a service offered to our clients who's windows have never been cleaned or have not been attended to in a period longer than 12 months. Double cleaning is usually a more tedious process requiring a longer period of time and a lot more attention. Windows will need to be washed twice and use a scraper to remove glue, paint, tape, or any other type of residue. Call us today for more information on our Initial Cleaning services.

Special Cleaning and Windows Restoration Services
We offer free estimates to those clients who's windows require hard water stain removal, caulking or screen stain removal. For more information, please contact us.

Air Conditioner Installation and Removal
Proper removal and installation of A/C units is crucial for window cleaning. If your A/C unit was not professionally installed, we may need to remove it in order to properly wash your windows. In this case, our specialists will have to remove the unit prior to washing and then reinstall it safely and securely. Air conditioner removal and professional installation cost depends on the extent of the job as well as the size of the unit.

Other Service include:
Besides windows, we also clean just about everything in your home that is made of glass, including:
• Storm Windows
• Skylights
• Shower doors
• Sunrooms
• French windows and doors
• Mirrors and antique mirrors
• Mirrored walls
• Hard to reach windows
• Chandeliers
• Foyer Lights
• Screens and Sills
• Ceiling Fans
• Window Tracks

Please see our Service Areas here.

Call us today at (917) 251-4450 or email us ask-simonsimonswindows.com

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