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Types of windows and Rates

Simple, clean and elegant, window cleaning can make the shining difference to your home's appearance and upkeep. Simon's Window Cleaning Staff always wash by hand and use only Professional tools for Professional results!

*** Please note that these prices are for REGULAR window cleaning service, please call us for more details.

The following factors will also be considered in your total cost:
• Excessively soiled windows
• First time cleaning
• Accessibility
• Items that need to be removed from the window sill (i.e. air conditioners, safety gates)
• Oversized windows
• Windows containing splattered paint, glue, tape or any other residue usually present after renovation

We charge a minimum rate of 120 + NY sales tax per job.

Please call us for a free in-home estimate at (917) 251-4450 or e-mail us at

Windows moving up and down
Standard wooden windows, moving up and down (Brownstone)

Tilt in windows / double hung windows
Standard size open-in windows.

2 standard open-in windows and panoramic window.

Sets of windows
a. 3 windows, panoramic window and two sides moving up and down.
b.3 windows, moving up and down.
c. 3 windows, 2 side panoramic windows and the middle window tilts in.

Simple multiple pane windows
a. Moving up and down 12 pane windows.
b. 2 windows – 16 panes each.

a. Old, metal frame 16 panes window.
b. French Doors, 12 panes.

Different multiple pane windows
a. 5 multiple pane windows.
b. 6 multiple pane windows.
c. 5 multiple pane windows.

a. 3 multiple pane windows.
b. 6 multiple pane windows.

Other windows
a. 2 panel window.
b. 3 panel window.
c. 4 panes doors.

d. Old style metal 4 pane window.
e. Old style metal 10 pane window.
f. 2 Old style metal 9 pane windows.

g. 3 pane window.
h. 7 pane window, ladder work, 2 floor.

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